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The 5th Element ™ is premium Himalayan Salt brand that’s available to qualified wholesalers. We are glad to speak with you about placing your wholesale orders. Contact us here.

Listed below are the wholesale products we currently offer.

44lbs Edible Mesh
10lbs Coarse

Primordial Sea Salts

Go past Pink and find Himalayan Salts have more to offer.

As a restaurant owner, an organic food manufacturer or proud farmer, we meet your needs when we provide Edible Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt in a variety of bulk sizes. Always pure, the natural colors include pink, red, white and black. We can also take custom-order for gray and black Himalayan Salts.

The 5th Element ™ is a registered and trademarked brand. We do not deliver just any Himalayan Pink Salt, we give your customers peace of mind about the quality and health-giving properties.

Bath Salt
44lbs Bath Salt

Bath Salt & More

Spa Owners across America find The 5th Element™ is a brand which showcases well. The products sell themselves as customers value the origin of the 5th Element ™ brand, product and the history behind the product. Your customers will value the crystal salt’s purity and positioning as the essential “fifth element” of the life force. Brows our collection and if you want to place a custom-order call our team of experts.

Livestock Salt
Livestock Salt

Salt Bricks/Tiles & Livestock Lick Rolls/Blocks

Your business will stand out with Himalayan Crystal Salt brick walls, benches, foyers, bar fronts, lobbies and reception areas. Our creative experts will help you in choosing which product best fits with your next project. Easy to cut — use any standard tile cutter — and easy to install. Your property, residential or commercial, will become part of the trend followed by discerning property owners and managers. Contact us today!

Cooking Salt Slab
Cooking Salt Slab

Salt Slabs

Your customers will be impressed when you serve Tapas, Sushi — or any meat — on a 100 percent, all-natural Himalayan Salt Slab. Your customers will not only be impressed, but feel enriched by the healthiest salts available. Call us for bulk orders on any of our all natural, anti-bacterial slabs.

We have them available in any size or natural color. Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs are available in our most popular size (15x8x1.5).

Call us for custom sizes in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Let The 5th Element ™ Company be your organic Himalayan salt provider and a part of your everyday life. Our customers find our pricing is affordable and online ordering has never been easier. We are here to serve you, so — Contact Us today. Improving health with Himalayan Ionic Salts for vitality and longevity

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