Welcome to our Himalayan Salt Collection!

We invite you to enjoy the purest salt products on the globe by The 5th Element Co. From the Punjab region of Pakistan, The 5th Element Co.’s Himalayan salt is hand-crafted to create a wide variety of products promoting the best of health and well-being. Our salt is 100% natural and can be used in a number of exciting ways.

At The 5th Element Co., we provide the best Himalayan salt products on the market. Use our salt products to decorate your home or office, in the kitchen, or as bath scrubs and soaks. We ensure you’ll enjoy a number of soothing physical and mental effects.

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Tea Lights

The 5th Element Co. is proud to offer a variety of handcrafted Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt Lamps and Tea Lights. All provide refreshing, life-affirming air with the release of negative ions, while showcasing a warm comforting glow in any room. Choose from our natural salt lamps in various sizes, crafted salt lamps, tea lights, and more.

Our Himalayan Salt lamps come with a wood base, carved from local Rosewood, and finished with hand engraved brass work to match the elegance and beauty of the glowing lamp. The sleek finish of our wood base is from natural lac, which is layered onto the Rosewood base for a beautiful natural shine. Our products are 100% natural, environment friendly, hand mined, and crafted by local artisans with care

Natural Bath and Spa Salt Products

The 5th Element Co.’s bath and spa salt products are harvested from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan and are unlike any other bath salt you have ever used. The salt is unique in both its rare, pure form, as part of the primal ocean 250 million years ago. By adding pure and natural Himalayan salts to your bath you will notice the difference immediately on your skin and how you feel. Bring the Himalayas to you with 5th Element Co.’s Bath and Spa salt products and experience the difference today. Also, check out our soothing foot detox with pure rosewood base and engraved brass for incredible detox benefits.

Culinary Salt Products

If you want a truly unique cooking experience, you need to try our salt cooking slabs. These gorgeous crystal blocks can be used as a cooking surface while preparing everything from steaks to sushi. They’ll add healthy minerals to your food and also create a unique flavor you can’t get with regular table salt. They’re resistant to extreme temperatures and provide great heat distribution. Plus, once you’re done cooking with your slab, it can double as a serving dish. You’ll also find mortar and pestles, bowls and shot glasses in our online store.

Edible Salt Products

Would You Like To Give Your Meals A Rich Nutritional Blend? Or Are You Looking For That Unique Solution That Adds Verve And Vitality To The Way You Live?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, Then You Are At The Right Place!

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Research has shown that seasonings/spices contribute to health just as much as fruits and vegetables, providing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. While all spices are good, there are basically few that should be focused on to provide great nutrition and rich inputs to your life. This is exactly what the HIMALAYAN IONIC CRYSTAL SALT offers you.

It is a powerful product that comes from the stables of 5th Element Co.; a foremost player with business operations in Pakistan (where the salt is sourced) and the USA (where the products is processed at the highest possible standards).

Salt Lick Rolls & Blocks for Livestock

We also provide Himalayan salt lick rolls for horses and cows so your livestock can benefit from the 84 all-natural minerals of Himalayan salt as well. Visit our Livestock link for more info.

There’s something extraordinary about using a salt product that formed in the earth 250 million years ago that is now readily available through The 5th Element Co. We welcome you to browse our online store or you can contact us anytime with questions.