What Makes Himalayan Salt Different?

Artificially manufactured salt is chemically fabricated, bleached, and heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit to strip it of any remaining natural minerals and elements. By the time it reaches the consumer’s table, it consists of only sodium chloride and perhaps artificially added iodine. Sea salt is considered a healthier alternative, but rising pollution levels and climate change have tainted even this resource. Himalayan ionic crystal salt is salt as nature intended. Mined from the heart of the Punjabi region of Pakistan, the beds of salt that 5th Element uses have been untouched for thousands of years, protected by natural rock formations and lava flow. 5th Element is the caretaker of this salt, handling every part of the mining, processing, packaging, shipping, and sale of the product to ensure its quality and purity. As such, 5th Element’s Himalayan ionic crystal salt contains 84 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

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