Experts Opinions of Himalayan Salts

Dr. Dan Engle, MD clears up misconceptions about salt and sodium chloride. He explains how unlike table salt, natural Himalayan sea salt is “food for the adrenal system and hormone system,” and a “necessary component for your health.”

Dr. Barbara Hendel, the co-author of Water & Salt: The Essence of Life, helps to explain the differences between table salt and Himalayan sea salt, laying out the reasons why the former should be avoided and the latter is a necessary part of a balanced and healthy diet. She advocates healthy consumption of salt, emphasizing the two keywords of high “quality” and appropriate “quantity.”

YouTube health expert and personal cancer survivor whose handle is ‘Healthful’ talks about the many health benefits of a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp. She discusses how it can alleviate a number of health issues, including migraine headaches, by the natural process of releasing negative ions into the air.

The internationally known Dr. Joseph Mercola debunks misinformation about the risks of salt consumption. He explains the politics behind medical research on salt and how it has led the public to have an incomplete picture of the topic. He goes even further into the many amazing benefits of Himalayan sea salt.

World famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, aka “Doctor Oz,” breaks down the benefits of Himalayan sea salt. He features a sea salt inhaler and the role of Himalayan sea salt as a “natural […]

Himalayan Salt Cave

Walk into a Himalayan Crystal Salt Cave made with Himalayan Salt Tiles, Bricks or Blocks and take a step from reality. Your fifteen minutes turns into three days at the beach with the salty air and reinvigoration which comes with relaxing and meditating while letting the purifying effects wash over and envelope you.

Lounge comfortably while allergies, respiratory problems and general stress seem to flow out and are replaced by some mystical, magical feeling of contentment.

The problems at work will be there, but you will be in a mindset more suited to managing the stress and while achieving goals which seemed like a mountain too high to climb.

When the kids, the bills — or the spouse — become insurmountable, your oasis waits where you leave all your troubles behind.

You’ve seen those squat pink salt lamps at your yoga salon. The therapeutic potency of Himalayan Crystal Salt have spurred some spas to devote entire rooms to salt cave therapy.

Salt caves are normally landscaped with sea salt bricks lining the walls. A smoother granulate blankets the floor and salt lamps are scattered about. Some have even clustered salt lamps into a salt “fireplace” and the lamps emit a soothing glow.

Relaxing in a Himalayan Crystal Salt cave is not a visit to a mystical location or even a sparkling cavern in a secluded mountain. You are apt to be close to a Himalayan […]

Different Salts Varied Effect On your Health

Salt has favorable as well as negative reputation across the internet when it comes to its health benefits. It might confuse people a lot when they read different reviews and opinions of experts about it on internet as internet cannot always be trusted with accurate information. One health expert may suggest you to reduce your daily salt intake; while, on the other hand, one may encourage you to maintain a balanced salt intake for the healthier living. So, it can be confusing and we must find the real answer for this solution because it’s a fact that we need salt in a sufficient amount in our bodies.
Common or processed salt:
The salt that we find commonly from the market is normally a processed or refined salt that can be damaging for the human health because of the chemicals and the additives it holds. The human body needs healthy minerals in a sufficient amount to keep working in perfect conditions. By processing, these minerals and the trace elements are taken away, leaving the salt useless when it comes to improving the human health. Salt can improve the human health and can boost up the body functions if it is not a processed form of salt.
The Himalayan salt for Health :
On the other hand, we have the purest of the salt which is actually a part of ocean crystalized and frozen over […]

What Makes Himalayan Salt Different?

Artificially manufactured salt is chemically fabricated, bleached, and heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit to strip it of any remaining natural minerals and elements. By the time it reaches the consumer’s table, it consists of only sodium chloride and perhaps artificially added iodine. Sea salt is considered a healthier alternative, but rising pollution levels and climate change have tainted even this resource. Himalayan ionic crystal salt is salt as nature intended. Mined from the heart of the Punjabi region of Pakistan, the beds of salt that 5th Element uses have been untouched for thousands of years, protected by natural rock formations and lava flow. 5th Element is the caretaker of this salt, handling every part of the mining, processing, packaging, shipping, and sale of the product to ensure its quality and purity. As such, 5th Element’s Himalayan ionic crystal salt contains 84 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.