We specialize in all forms of natural Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt that is mined from the purest and original salt beds in the Punjabi region of Pakistan, the home of Himalayan Salt. Our hand crafted, one-of-a-kind Himalayan salt products that we bring to your home and family will holistically give you a better quality of life. Experience the difference today by shopping our online store.

Based few miles from the nation’s capital, we are proudly serving a wide range of customers around the globe.  All of our products are manufactured on-site in the Punjab region of Pakistan in a 27,000 square feet FDA registered facility that we also own. See our company bio to learn more.

The 5th Element Co. proudly imports and ships all of its products with great care directly to you. If you are interested in ordering an item in bulk, visit our contact us page. Our guarantee is that our products are made from the highest quality of Himalayan salt that is readily available to you that delivers premium health benefits.

From beginning to end, our team of salt mining experts are responsible for each product that we bring to you. Should you experience a flaw, or breakage, we will gladly refund your order. Since all of our products are 100% natural and hand-crafted, no two products are the same. This means that, your Himalayan salt product is a one of a kind gem.

We only deliver the rarest, most pure, and highest grade of Himalayan Crystal Ionic Salt. “Himalayan Pink Salt” is just a marketing name. This 250 million years old gift of nature has different colors and shades, from snow white, pink, red,  gray, and dark black, and each color has its unique taste.

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