Experts Opinions of Himalayan Salts

Dr. Dan Engle, MD clears up misconceptions about salt and sodium chloride. He explains how unlike table salt, natural Himalayan sea salt is “food for the adrenal system and hormone system,” and a “necessary component for your health.”

Dr. Barbara Hendel, the co-author of Water & Salt: The Essence of Life, helps to explain the differences between table salt and Himalayan sea salt, laying out the reasons why the former should be avoided and the latter is a necessary part of a balanced and healthy diet. She advocates healthy consumption of salt, emphasizing the two keywords of high “quality” and appropriate “quantity.”

YouTube health expert and personal cancer survivor whose handle is ‘Healthful’ talks about the many health benefits of a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp. She discusses how it can alleviate a number of health issues, including migraine headaches, by the natural process of releasing negative ions into the air.

The internationally known Dr. Joseph Mercola debunks misinformation about the risks of salt consumption. He explains the politics behind medical research on salt and how it has led the public to have an incomplete picture of the topic. He goes even further into the many amazing benefits of Himalayan sea salt.

World famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, aka “Doctor Oz,” breaks down the benefits of Himalayan sea salt. He features a sea salt inhaler and the role of Himalayan sea salt as a “natural healer” that the world should be aware of. He focuses on the use of salt as a natural antiseptic and remedy for asthma and other common respiratory issues.

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