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How Salt Is Formed

A shallow sea lay between the shifting mountains, its salty waters beckoning to both man and beast. But as the mountains ground against each other and moved, the sea began to evaporate. Cut off from the waters that fed it, the once majestic sea withered, leaving behind only the legacy of salt to tell the tale of its beauty and grandeur. The mighty Himalayan mountains continued to move, burying the salt and protecting the legacy of the sea for all time.

The Beauty of Himalayan Pink Salt

The clusters of rock swallowed the light of the torches and returned something different. In the place of the harsh brightness of the flame, there was a warm glow. The pink salt rocks both consumed and reflected the fire, giving it life and a healing spirit. In this place of stone, the salts turned the fire into a flower, blessing all who shared in its warmth.

No Other Salt Compares

Common table salt is processed, and mass produced in factories. Sea Salt, once the vanguard, now comes from polluted seas and many of the life-giving minerals are destroyed before arriving on our tables. In contrast, Himalayan Salt is mined in “The Salt Range” at the foothills of the majestic Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Crystal Salt has proven to be a vital enhancement in any home and any meal:

  • 100% organic and unrefined
  • Naturally loaded with up to 84 minerals, Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure and among the best sources of natural minerals
  • Available in different natural colors – Black, Gray, Pink, Red, White
  • Holistic, exquisite living structure when viewed under a microscope
  • Delivers an existential, energetic essence to the body and soul
  • Beyond their kitchen usefulness, Himalayan Crystal Salt products have boundless health benefits including relaxation, detoxification and many more

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Health Benefits of Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is universally celebrated by practitioners as the “fifth element” in a person’s life force. The others are water, earth, air and fire.Aside from beautifying, Since their discovery Himalayan Crystal Salt has long been a staple in medicinal practices for treating many health issues. Research suggests Himalayan Crystal Salt has positive effects:

  • On the adrenals and thyroid conditions which means improved hormonal balance
  • On pain relief and muscular restoration
  • For promoting improved sleep, calmness, reducing stress, energize, and rejuvenate
  • For a healthy balance of minerals and pH balance
  • On digestion, especially when used in gluten-free recipes
  • To minimize fine lines & cellulite while reducing inflammation
  • Used with a warm bath, arteries expand, blood flow increases, and circulation improves
  • To relieve sinus and coughing

Nature’s Solution is Salt

Our homes and urban areas are filled with positive ions but created in nature, negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an added electron. The effects of water, air, sunlight, and the Earth’s natural radiation negatively charged ions are prevalent in natural places and especially around flowing water, mountain tops, countryside or before and after a thunderstorm.

The taste in the air and feeling when at the beach or near a waterfall is your body being saturated in the benefits of negative ions. Himalayan Crystal Salt makes it possible to take that feeling with you and keep it going in your bedroom, lounge, kitchen or office. Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps, tea lights, tiles provide any room with negative ions, producing cleaner air while creating harmony in the mind, body and soul.

Enriching your dishes with pure natural 250 million years old salt and bathing just like in a primal ocean that evaporated millions of years ago is possible when you buy The 5th Element ™ Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt products. Nature preserved it, our mission is to bring it to you for a healthier and a happier life.

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