250 million years ago, tectonic collisions trapped a shallow inland sea. The molten heat of continental friction stripped the sea of its water. The sea’s rich nutrient salts dehydrated. And now, trapped beneath the Himalayan mountains, lives the life force of our primordial ocean.Read More »

Health Benefits

2300 years ago, on his grandest adventure to India, Alexander the Great and his vast army encamped along the foothills of the Salt Range of the Himalayan. Exhausted, dehydrated, malnourished—to the surprise and wonder of the cavalry, the horses licked the rocks.Read More »

Natural Solution

Today, Himalayan salt continues to revitalize the world. Mined by hand, this purest form of sea salt carries traces of 84 minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Celebrated by experts as a “fifth element” of the ancients, it energizes our bodies, enlivens our sensesRead More »

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