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When tested under a microscope, Himalayan Crystal Salt showed a holistic, delicate, living structure, as an excellent healthy food source, undisturbed, never static, and constantly morphing. When taken as food, it will have a vital energetic effect on the body. Common Table Salt has no living crystals due to its refining process that strips away the minerals and has become a threat to the body. Sea Salt now has very little health benefits caused by polluted oceans that destroy many of its vital minerals before it gets onto our tables leaving us with only one very clear solution. Check out our Himalayan Salt collection and visit often. More products coming soon!

Health Benefits of Salt

The health benefits of crystal salt are endless. The healing benefits of salt are based on its specific frequency vibration that balances the body’s energy deficit. The neutralizing forces of salt can cancel our harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment. Did you know that crystal salt balances the pH of our skin? Use little crystal salt in the morning that is an electrolyte for energy for our body. From healing a variety of skin infections, to respiratory conditions, bronchitis, allergies, colds, sinus infections, arthritis, and relief from osteoporosis, crystal salt is nature’s remedy. How about creating a salt application for Athlete’s Foot, warts, or insect bites? Check out our soothing foot detox to experience health benefits.

Nature’s Solution is Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt continues to revitalize the world. Handcrafted by The 5th Element Co.’s local artisans, we deliver the purest sea salt harnessed by nature that is untouched with more than 84 minerals that include iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. After 250 million years, the discovery of pure crystal salt hidden at the foothills of Himalayas is a gift from nature that The 5th Element Co. is proud to make available to you. Salt is celebrated by experts as the “fifth element” is our life force next to water, earth, air, and fire. Salt is nature’s solution to keeping the body vital and healthy. Check out our natural and crafted salt lamps that will provide any room with negative ions, cleaner air for breathing, and create harmony for the mind, body, and soul.

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